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A big question that came up is “how do I start my acting career?” Now, here is a small secret that might make beginners just a little nervous. Once you start thinking seriously about acting or consider acting as a possible career, you have already started your acting career!

The next question is what are you going to do to really own the responsibility of your career? This may be the real question. What about the very beginning? Many who ask how to start an acting career may have a background similar to mine. I could be wrong but it is a possibility. You might not live in a city with theater activity or be able to afford the cost of a program even if one is available to you or have the transportation to get to one. These were just the kind of circumstances I had in my early life when I first started thinking about acting.

As I look back, it was years before I did anything about my acting career. Because I had been thinking about acting and once in a while thinking of myself as an actor long before I did anything, even if it was in just a small way, I had started working on what I thought I would be as an actor. If you are thinking of an acting career, you have probably already started, too.

People come into acting from all walks of life. So the question of “how do I start my acting career” will have a myriad of answers from many different people. A racecar driver may be hired for a commercial and that leads to a part in a movie. Someone else may be a famous surfer, a football player, a singer in a nightclub, a chef with lots of personality or even a circus performer. You never know what can lead into an acting career.

Once you do start to approach the idea of an acting career, it is time to be responsible for creating your craft and the process through which you approach your performances whether they are in movies or on stage.

There is no “one size fits all” acting formula for everyone. The only valid formula is the one you create for yourself through your hard work. It is important that you build your own acting process. That will be what brings out your unique qualities. It is these qualities that people will be coming to the theater to see – the unique you as expressed through the parts you play.

How do you do it? Try to find someone experienced in acting, a teacher or a director who has experienced many facets in the theater and in films on both sides of the stage or camera. Consider a writer who is good at creating characters. Some writers have gone to acting classes so they could get on stage and experience what it is like to create a character. Though few become actors themselves, it helps them in their craft. It is all interrelated so try to work with a lot of different people with knowledge in a lot of different facets of the theater.

When they say “do your homework”, it applies to acting in a big way. Much of what you do to develop as an actor, you will do on your own. It is hard work and a lot of trial and error. You will rehearse, rework it, rehearse and rework it again. It is the way we improve as actors and you will do the same.

Get out there and start auditioning everywhere you can – community theaters or wherever. Read plays and decide which character you would play. Be logical and realistic. Ask yourself if you are right for that character. Would you be cast in that role? Think about where you fit in a cast.

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Go on stage every chance you get. Some people find it easy. They don’t have any fear of being in front of a lot of people. Most people, though, including me, are shy or get stage fright in the beginning. Maybe there is a fear of not performing well. You have to get over that. Just get up there and try. If you make a mistake, learn from it and grow stronger. It isn’t insurmountable. If I can do it, so can you!  Remember, the only real way to get into acting with no experience, is to go out an get experience.  If you want it badly enough, you’ll eventually jump in and just go for it!


Live Online Acting Classes and Workshop with Roger Kern

A Product Review by

Christopher G. Korbel playwright & performer

christopher korbel pic50% off or more sale goes from April 15th to May 15th, 2013

Classes begin May 17th!

To take advantage of the sale click here-http://rogersactingtips.com/spring

Aspiring actors and experienced actors all need to take acting classes to hone their craft.  However, these investments of time and money only pay off if the actor finds a sharp instructor with whom they click.  A solution to these challenges is being offered by Roger Kern, who has designed online acting programs for both actors of all ranges of experience and locations.  I will assess the viability of an online acting class as an alternative to an in person class but first…

WHO IS ROGER KERN? Skimming the IMDB, Roger is a graduate of the American Conservatory Theater with five decades of experience as an actor, writer and director. His credits include legitimate theater, film, animation, television and commercials. Since 1979, Roger has been an acting teacher and coach.  Several of his former students are now working professional actors.

Full disclosure, Roger’s daughter is my partner in a public speaking consultancy, Make-A-Toast.com. She reminds me that decades before meeting her, I encountered Roger as a child, watching him on “Baretta.” His haunting performance as a developmentally disabled teenager remains emblazoned upon my psyche. Thanks, Roger!

If you understand Google Hangout, skip this paragraph.  Google Hangout is available through Google+, and all of this is free.  In Google Hangout, users can “hangout” on a Google webpage via their webcams. It’s like a cluster of picture phones. Whoever is speaking will appear on the top half of the screen, with everyone else’s camera shot appearing below. Electronics stores sell attachable computer cameras for $25.

Product Review: I have observed him interacting with students. He is consistently insightful and encouraging. His students respond to his input with enthusiasm and openness. Roger believes “the only acting program that works is the one you build around yourself. It is important to preserve your uniqueness as that is what the industry is looking for.”

Roger conducts his online classes like any in-person workshop. Roger worked with a man and woman on a scene from Neil Simon’s “Come Blow Your Horn!” The actors performed, then after Roger provided an adjustment, they re-did the scene. Observing how the main screen shifted back and forth between actors, felt like watching television.

Class Size and Length: No more than 8 students per class. Class time ranges from a minimum of one hour to a maximum of three hours depending on the work.  Everyone will get to go up at least every other class. You can choose your own material.

Features and Benefits:  Finding a time and place to meet with a scene partner SUCKS! Google Hangout is a great rehearsal space.  You don’t have a person in the room to play off of but it’s excellent preparation for auditions and on-camera work. Each class is recorded so you can review your work and Roger’s notes.  This also helps Roger in guiding you through your development.

The Grand Opening Sale Ends May 15.th, 2013

Classes begin May 17th!

To take advantage of the sale click here-http://rogersactingtips.com/spring

The Grand Opening Sale Ends May 15.th, 2013

One Acting Class $75 Sale Price $37

Two Acting Classes $140 ($ 10 Savings) $70

Three Acting Classes $180 ($45 Savings $90

Five Acting Classes $275 ($100 Savings) $137

Ten Acting Classes $500 ($250 Savings) $250


Roger Kern’s Vocational School of Acting in Hollywood, California

Located in the capital of the entertainment industry, Hollywood, California, you will have access to working actors, writers, directors, agents, producers and casting directors.

Features and Benefits:  Again, small classes, generous amounts of class time. Best of all, all students who study with Roger will get to audition for a full-length feature film.  Actual film work always stands out in an actor’s demo reel.

Roger has also told me he is also working on The Actors Formula 202. I will provide an in depth assessment of these offerings once they become available.

Personal Tip: If you aspire to excel in this craft, delaying action only prolongs the time it takes to achieve it.  Study with a professional like Roger Kern and you will shorten the distance to achieving an acting career.



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